Testimonials and Feedback

"I have had Una assist me with his sleeping and she was amazing and I asked her to come in and train my new nanny, she does a Childcare Course. All I can say is WOW! I learnt so much, my nanny learned so much and I think every mom/dad should book a consult with Una and she really does have awesome tips and advice. To Una..... You are amazing and you have really helped me in my experience of motherhood. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."



"Una did a sleep consult with us and taught us some techniques. LIFE CHANGING.!! We did that at 3 weeks, 4 months later we haven't had an issue!! Highly recommended."



 "Una is incredible. We had a sleep consult with her after we had a terrible sleeper for a son!! One 90 minute session changed our lives. So nice to have a rested, happy baby!!!!"



"I just want to give a big THANK YOU to Una Chatz Van Staden from Pikanini Baby for helping us with sleep training for our little girl. She came to us when Abbigail was 6 weeks old and helped us establish a sleep routine. She is now 11weeks old and sleeps through the night. Any mommies out there who are struggling, I promise it worth it!!!"



 "Just have to say went to the Mamamgic Expo and listened to Una Van Staden of Pikanini regarding sleep tips for baby, my daughter is 9 months and learnt a lot. Such an informative session with practical tips, I commend you."



 "I’m going to be having Una from Pikanini train our new nanny. She is amazing!! I have done several courses with her and I am so so happy."



"BEST decision I ever made getting a sleep consultation from Pikanini. On a recommendation from a friend I called Una when my baby was 3 weeks, he is now almost 11 weeks and I have not had a single problem since that day. I also attended the play stimulation class and my baby is reaching his milestones way before the time. HIGHLY RECEOMMENDED!!"



"Thank YOU Una. Such an awesome and informative morning. Your courses are fabulous!" 


"I did the Pikanini Power of Play workshop today and it was incredible!!! Can’t wait to start the activities with my bubs tomorrow!!!"


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