Texture Mat

When you place your baby on the Texture Mat with toys on a plane surface on the outskirts of the mat, your baby is forced to move his whole body on the texture mat to get to his toys. The texture mat encourages your child to practice touching and feeling as well as encourage movement which will form a foundation for rolling and crawling and eventually walking.

Your child’s skin contains millions of sensory receptors, allowing him to learn about his world through texture and sensation. The experience of different textures on the skin sends information back to his brain. His brain remembers what the surface feels like and when he has that same feeling again, the brain finds it easier to understand, as the sensory information has already been recorded. This helps your child integrate sensory information. Tactile play allows children to learn about size, shape, texture and length—information that may help them as they develop a sense of their bodies and space.

An invaluable part of your toy box!


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