Say goodbye to sleepless nights...

Babies spend 9 months in the womb, accustomed only to a mother's heartbeat and the minimal colours and sounds experienced from within the safety of the womb.

ewan™ the dream sheep is a very soft and cuddly sheep with light and sound features that calms babies and toddlers, and lulls them to sleep. He has actual womb and heartbeat recordings and these are combined with either vacuum cleaner, rain or harp sounds to provide a choice of four different calming tracks which are cleverly activated by ewan’s legs. 

ewan™ the dream sheep can be used at home: cot, moses basket etc. and also when out and about, as he can be secured to the pushchair or car seat by his Velcro tail. His tail is also great for securing a dummy/pacifier, so there’s no fear of it becoming lost.

  • cute and cuddly design
  • womb sounds
  • rain sounds
  • vacuum cleaner 
  • harp music
  • comforting pink glow (great as an always-handy night light)
  • 20 minute timer
  • volume control
  • hangs from cot or pram from velcro tail


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