Battling to get your Pikanini to sleep?

After the birth of a baby, one of the biggest adaptations you have to make is to adjust your life according to the patterns of your baby.

Most parents think they only have two options, sleep training or do nothing. I'm here to offer you a different option... Balancing your baby's needs, resulting in better sleep by identifying the root of the problem and teaching age appropriate skills with positive reinforcement NOT tears!

I approach sleep from a different perspective and avoid compromising trust or creating stress for your baby. My services focus on "nurturing sleep!" 

Many families question the necessity of paying for sleep advice. Interesting when you think that babies spend more time sleeping then doing anything else and develop their brain during sleep. An important investment! 

Just as you would pay for music lessons, gym classes or an education for your little one, outsourcing sleep services and having an evaluation of baby's needs by a professional, improves the quality of life for the whole family.

Professional consulting services teach parents, babies, nannies and grandparents the benefits of quality sleep while closely monitoring attachment and bonding with the developing brain through sleep science and emotional regulation.

The techniques we promote have been tried and tested with success.  They work, and the benefits are almost immediate, for everyone in the family.  

You will notice that daytimes will be calmer and you will begin to enjoy your child much more.

Please Note:

Pikanini does NOT use any Controlled Crying Techniques

Consultation details:

  • Duration:  90 minutes per private consultation

Your personal consultation includes:

  • Professional assessment of your child’s unique sleeping habits and problems
  • Sleep zone assessment
  • Personal sleeping plan designed for your child
  • Support and guidance via email for 3 weeks

Sleeping Consultations are offered by appointment ONLY, so book today.

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